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Intelis is North America’s only provider of fully developed, time-tested, fully supported Operator Services (OS) and Directory Assistance (DA) call processing solutions, providing premise-based hardware, hosted platform (PaaS), and outsourced services.



Intelis’ flagship product is its Enhanced Operator Services (“EOS”) platform which is a fully-supported premise-based switch that supports both OS and DA call processing. 20-plus years of developing the software engine of EOS is made evident by the platform’s rich feature set including CLASS-4 call routing and digit manipulation, flexible call rating, skills-based routing ACD, EMI CDR generation, and multiple-carrier support.

The EOS is a complete solution for OS and DA in that it is a fully functional NEBS3 telephony switch with both automated operators (IVR) and a built-in ACD for live operator handled calls. For service providers looking for an OS/DA solution that uses their own operator’s without the need of installing a premise-based telephony switch, Intelis’ hosted option might be the perfect solution.

Directory Assistance

  • Business, Government, and Residential Searches
  • National and Local Databases
  • Business Categories
  • Automated Number Delivery
  • Flexible DA Call Completion
  • Text Message Found Listing
  • Easy-to-learn Agent Screens

Toll and Assistance

  • 0-, 00-, 0+, 00+, Toll Free Call Processing
  • Multiple Carrier and Branding
  • Collect, Third-party, Calling Card, Sent Paid, and Credit Card Calling
  • Live and Automated Call Processing
  • Emergency Call Processing
  • Flexible Carrier-specific Call Rating

Call Center

  • Skills-based ACD
  • Programmable IVR
  • Answering Service
  • Third-party Revenue Generating Applications
  • Workforce Scheduling Interface
  • Real-time ACD Statistics
  • Supervisor Screen and Audio Monitoring
  • Home Agent and Remote Call Center Support

VoIP / TDM Switch

  • Full-featured CLASS-4 Switch
  • SIP, SS7, PRI, MF, CAS
  • Programmable Digit Manipulation
  • Supports intelligent CPE calling devices
  • Trunk Utilization Reports
  • Internal and External Fraud Control
  • Fully Redundant Architecture

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About Intelis

Intelis is the leading provider of premise-based Operator Services switching software and hardware. The switching hardware is NEBS-3 compliant and is intended to be installed in a telephone switching facility. In business for over 18 years, Intelis is a recognized leading provider of Operator Services switching equipment and the expert in all matters associated with Operator Services including Toll and Assistance, Directory Assistance, FCC and PUC/PSC regulations, call rating, live operator methods and procedures, automated IVR functionality, and telephony integration including VoIP, SIP, SS7, CAS, and FGD signaling. Intelis products are used by IXCs, ILECs, RBOCs, and independent Operator Services service providers. In January of 2016, Intelis joined forces with Consolidated CCS, the leading Operator Services outsourced service provider. With the combined entity, telephone companies have a one-stop-shop for Operator Services be it a premise-based solution, hosted solution, or a completely outsourced solution.

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